Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Plans and Frustration

I feel a bit of a frustrated crafter at the moment. My day job has calmed down for a few weeks, so I am finding myself day dreaming (and doodling) about all the things I would like to make. But then not having the time or space to do anything about it. I have not felt particually creative this year, so its nice that the ideas are finally coming. Most of my craft day dreaming involves making new things for the house, as its in the processs of being completely redecorated it would be nice to have some new things around the place.

I also need to have a big listing session in my Folksy shop, as I have a lot of new products waiting to be listed, but I need to take some new photo's first. And then its time to make some new things to sell. It would be lovely to develop a new range, but not quite sure what direction to go down. I really enjoyed working on my Pebble range last year and have had lots of very positive feedback, however this hasn't really transferred into sales. Ummm I have a lot to do, time to write a list!

1 comment:

  1. Pleased you are drawing and designing again. I've been reviewing where I am going too, so we'll make lists together. Hope you are feeling ok.