Thursday, 18 March 2010

Too much

Its been a very hectic couple of weeks, hence the lack of blogging. Last weekend we went to Venice for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday and our 10th anniversary of being together. I've got loads of wonderful things to share with you about Venice, but I just need to find some time to download and sort out my photo's. I've been working away some of this week, which is really bad timing and has not helped.

Also got some personal things going on which is meaning I'm not having any spare time and I am generally feeling very exhausted and emotional. So have not made anything for a few weeks now. I haven't even had time to do some relaxing knitting, which sounds so lovely right now.

And on top of all that its Handmade Nation Nottingham on Saturday. I have been helping to organise this, I'm really hoping its going to be a great event as several of us have put so much work into it. I'm also having a stall, but with so much going on I haven't had time to make anything new, which is a shame as I had loads of new ideas and things I wanted to try out. I'll be so glad when Saturday is out of the way. I'm hoping that things will then calm down and I can take a few deep breathes and re-group and maybe start doing some creative things again.

Anyway you can still buy tickets for the Handmade Nation screening - from the Nottingham Craft Mafia website or if you find yourself in Nottingham on Saturday pop along to the craft fair which is open from 11am - 9pm. It should be a great day.

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  1. hi helen, sounds like you are feeling the same way i did a couple of months ago, hope it gets better soon!! i soo know how it feels!! hope you had a great time in venice, i can't wait to see your pictures, hoping to call in with my niece on sat, seeya then x