Monday, 30 November 2009


I did my final craft fair of the Christmas season on Saturday, yeh! It actually wasn't that good to be honest, but you live and learn and I still had quite a nice day.

It was in Sheffield, near to the city centre, but in comparison to the local one I did it seemed really quite quiet, although apparently they had around 600 visitors.

In the end I did ok, but at 2:30pm, I had only taken £35!! I found lots of people just walked passed and didn't even look, and yet again the things I sold seemed odd. I didn't sell any Christmas decorations and only a couple of cards, but sold all of my knitted phone and ipod covers. Next year I must remember to make more stocking filler type things.

So I am now left with lots of stock, so I will be busy listing things on Folksy later. Ideally I could do with doing another fair, but have things planned so even if I could find one, I am not sure I could fit it in.
Yesterday I spent the day tidying my work space and getting myself organised again, which was very satisfying.

I am at home sick today, got a really sore throat and feel rough, so I am on operation get well soon, I hate being ill and I am fairly rubbish at it, so I am hoping I will be better soon.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Craft fairs are strange

Did a craft fair yesterday at Carrington School in Nottingham. Had not done a school craft fair before and had read very mixed things about them. So I decided to go with low expectations and just to enjoy an afternoon off work.

But it was ok, had a nice glass of mulled wine, a nice to chat to some people I know and some new people. And sold 4 things! Which wasn't too bad as the cheapest thing I sold was £8! So not a bad couple of hours. I also gave out loads of cards.

Really don't get craft fairs, the other week I did one, I was really happy with how I did, but I mostly sold cards and decorations. Yesterday I didn't sell any cards or decorations very odd!

I have a stall at Candy Cane tomorrow in Sheffield, going to try and go with limited expectations again. Have enlisted the help of my friend Mill, so we should have a good laugh if nothing else, promise to take some photo's this time.

On the work front, feeling a little better about things, had a chat to my lovely line manager yesterday, no magic answer and I think its going to be like this until till Christmas, but I think I just need to remain positive and not take it personally. Thanks Sooziebee for the knitting suggestion, but I think they may notice. Jon suggested, blind folding me for an hour ever night, so I learn to do crafts without looking, I can then make things under my desk!!

Sorry about the lack of photo's struggling to take any new ones as its so dark all the time. Will try and take some at the weekend.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The end is in sight

I am doing two craft fairs this week, so for the last couple of weeks I have been busy topping up my stock and finishing the things I didn't manage to complete last time. As well as trying to get on top of the orders I took at the last craft fair, in case I do get any more.

I am almost there now which is a nice feeling and can't wait to have a good tidy and sort out on Sunday before starting on some more custom orders.

Here are the details of the fairs: Carrington School Craft Fair on Thursday 26th November - 3:30pm - 6pm.

Candy Cane Sheffield - its a two day event, but I just have a stall on the Saturday, should be good and I have enlisted the help of my friend Mill, so hoping to have a good laugh too.

Finding things very frustrating at the moment, the craft side of things is going well and I am really enjoying it. But my real job is really getting me down, we are normally fairly quiet at this time of year, but more so this year and its been very quiet for a while now. Most of the things I normally do at this time of year have been given to someone else, so I just find my self sitting here thinking about all the thing I need to do when I get home from work. Hence the daily blogging. I HATE having nothing to do, it really does me no good and I suppose I am a bit worried about the situation. I am hoping it will be ok, I have been here before, but it really is annoying and does make me feel very good about things. Sorry that all sounds a bit miserable!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Knit and Stitch show - favourite things

I saw lots of lovely things at the Knit and Stitch show on Saturday, but as I know its easy to get carried away at these things I had set myself a budget, which I actually managed to stick to. But there were several things I had to very quickly walk away from.
I thought these bags were gorgeous, not only are they lovely felted bags they have most lovely huge wooden button on them. They are made by Toft Alpacas, check out their website, its full of so many gorgeous things. The kits to make the bags were £80, so its not really an option at the moment, but I may be treating myself to a giant wooden button at £10, they are so beautiful.

I also fell in love with a beautiful fabric range, but can't remember what it was called, I know it begun with E. It was made from a really thick fabric, maybe even linen and it had really nice patterns. Hopefully the name will come to me. Unfortunately I had spent my budget by this point, but may treat myself in the new year.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Glorious - this isn't a word a ever thought I used, but apprently I used it twice to describe buildings in about 10 mintes! Makes me worry what else I say without realising it!

Anyway,I have just spent a 'glorious' weekend with my friend Emma in Harrogate. We spent Saturday at the Knit and Sticth show. Its was great to have a mooch and stock up on fabric, buttons and fibres, I think we both stuck just about within our budgets but did still brought quite a lot of things. It was also good to see the textiles pieces on show and I think we have both come away with lots of ideas and things we want to try.

Its the first time I have been to the Knit and Stitch show and I couldn't belive how big and busy it was. At times you almost had to queue to get onto the stands. It got a lot better after 3pm as I think the coach trip start to leave.

Then on Sunday we did a bit of laid back Christmas Shopping before going to Harrogate Spa. Had a very hot but relaxing time, although it would have been nice to have taken my sketch book in as the building and tiles were gorgeous, but it would have got a bit soggy.

So great weekend, but I am now slightly panicking as I have still have some orders to catch up on and a few things to finish before the craft fairs I am doing on Thursday and Saturday. No idea when I am going to get everything done, but sure it will be fine.

(Photo's are from some of the gallery type stands at the Knit and Stitch show, sorry not sure who has made them. The last two are of my purchases)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Knit and stitch show

Off to the knit and stitch show tomorrow, so I'll tell you all about it on Sunday or Monday.

Sold lots of decorations at the weekend, so been making some more.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Felt workshop

In February I will be doing my first Felt Workshop, scary but exciting stuff. Its something that I have been wanting to try for a while and its only a small group so should be ok.

I will be teaching a day of wet felting. In the morning we will do some some wet felting and look at adding colour and different fibres and in the afternoon we will make a felt tea cosy. Should be a good day, but think I need to have a practice session with some friends first to help calm the nerves on the day.
I am doing the workshop at Rothley Craft Farm, they are also holding lots of other exciting workshops over the next few months, you can find out more about my workshop and the others being held at:

Behind already

I have written myself a big long list of things to do and make before my next craft fairs on the 26th Nov (Carrington School, Notts) and 28th Nov (Craft Candy Sheffield). Its only Wednesday and I am already behind.

I don't need to make loads, but just wanted to re-stock on some items, so need to make some more sausage dog draught excluders, more Christmas decorations and more tea cosies, as well as finish some of the things I didn't manage to get done in time and start some of the orders I took on Saturday.

I have the day off Friday as I am working in the Nottingham Craft Mafia Shop (Get Made, St James St, Notts), so should get lots done, but its fairly limiting what you can do there, so I need to try and make enough felt to take with me so I have a productive day sewing.

I have also been neglecting my Folksy shop , this is partly as I don't seem to be having many sales, but also as I have been concentrating on making stock for the fairs, but think I probably need to start listing some new items. So this morning I have re-listed a couple of applique cushions and this afternoon I will start listing some peg bags.

Monday, 16 November 2009

What does and doesn't sell? Its a mystery...

Yeh, got some better photo's of my stall, had completely forgotten about borrowing my friends camera, so it was a nice surprise when she emailed them to me. Thanks Ali.

I did really well on Saturday, but I was surprised about the things which did and didn't sell. I mostly sold smaller things like Christmas decorations and cards, so perhaps need to make a few more stocking filler type things.

I got a lot if interested in the my textiles art and cushions, but very few sales.

I was selling small ish unframed pictures at between £8 - £15, which I think is quite reasonable, but perhaps people don't come to a craft fair to buy things like that? I also think a few people thought they were cards, so I think I need to make a better sign.

I was selling the cushions for £18, which I don't think is too bad, as there is a lot of work which goes into them, but I am thinking that perhaps they are more suited to a children's room rather than someones living room and then perhaps £18 is quite a lot.

Anyway its given me a lot to think about, but in a positive way. If I think how much I have moved on since the craft fair in the summer then things like this will just help me to continue to develop and improve.

Hectic weekend

Feeling very tired this morning, after a very good but hectic weekend. Did a craft fair in Nottingham on Saturday, then got a train to London to see a band in the evening, stayed with some friends who lives near Cambridge and then got the train back to Nottingham on Sunday morning, was picked up from the station and taken straight to Tamworth to see my niece who was 5 on Thursday and then got back to Nottingham about 9pm.
The craft fair went really well, in a way I was glad I had so much on, as is meant I didn't worry about things too much and didn't get nervous. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so only have these rubbish pictures taken on my phone. But I was really pleased with how it looked, and the planning was really worth it and made things much quicker.
I got a really good space, and had a shelf behind me where I put the larger art pieces and cushions, which gave me more room. I want to change a few things for next time, but on the whole I was pleased with how it all worked. 1 down 2 to go...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A good problem to have

This week I have been trying out ways of displaying my stock for a craft fair on Saturday.

While doing this I have discovered that I have made way too much stuff for one stall. I am doing a few craft fairs, so its great to have some things in reserve, as hopefully I will sell some things on Saturday.

But I was hoping that I would be able show more things, don't get me wrong its a good problem to have. I just hope I get a stall with wall space and a large table!!

This is still work in progress (and yes I will put a cover over the table), any suggestions or tips? I think it looks a bit crowded still.....

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Christmas Craft Fair - This Saturday

This is what I have been busy preparing for and its come round so quickly. I was feeling very organised at the weekend, but still have several little jobs to finish and things to sort, but unfortunately with working full time it can be hard to find time. Think I may be having some late nights and early mornings!

Saturday, 7 November 2009


With one week to go until my first craft fair of the season, I thought I better have a think and a practice about how to display everything.

In the summer I shared a stall with a friend and hadn't thought about this at all, and it took me ages to set everything up and I wasn't really that pleased with how it all looked. So learning from my mistakes I decided this time to try and plan before hand, especially as we don't have much time to set up.

But I am finding this really hard. I seem to have made a very odd selection of bits and bobs, and although I think you can tell they are made my the same person as they are in the same style, its quite hard to display textile art with sausage dogs, cushions and tea cosies. I think maybe I am thinking about this too much, but when you have put a lot of effort into the making I suppose its only natural that you want it to look the best it can.
Oh well at least I have a week to come up with something better.

ahh one week to go.

I have woken up this morning with the realisation that its only one week to go until my first craft fair of the Christmas season. Why are things coming round so quickly at the moment.

I got back yesterday from a weeks holiday in Northumberland. It was lovely, lots of nice walks, fresh air and general relaxing. I want to live by the sea!!

I did get away with taking a small craft box with me, so did get a bit done, but thought I better draw the line at talking my sewing machine!. Actually it was nice to have a break from my mini production line and do some relaxing crafting.

I think I probably have enough stuff for this next craft fair, but have several fairs close together, so don't have much time to make any more things after this weekend. I still have a lot of things on my list that I wanted to make and haven't. This morning I was thinking I should have made some stocking filler type things, but I think it maybe a bit late now.

Oh well I think I this stage I should perhaps concentrate on finishing the things I have started, pricing and packaging everything, before deciding how I am going to display it all.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Finishing off

Having a finishing off week. These are the clutch purses I have been making, still waiting for the metallic catches to arrive, but you get the idea.
I had high hopes for this bag. Its been a while since I made a knitted bag and then put it in the washing machine to felt. It may look ok in a photo, but it shrunk far more than I thought so is tiny. Might have to be a girls bag.

And here is another Christmas card. I am cheating slightly with these and using brought felt. Its just so much quicker and easier, but promise not to use it too much.